Valuation,  Conservation,  and  Sustainable  Management

Discover the many ways that we benefit from forests through ecosystem services and learn how to protect and use them in a sustainable manner.

Build your skills in economic valuation, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement for conserving and managing forest ecosystems properly.

Use the results and lessons from The Codru Quest research project to inspire and guide your own nature conservation actions in your local forest.

Join MEGA's free on-line course "Forest Ecosystem Services: Valuation, Conservation, and Sustainable Management"!

The course consists of a series of video trainings, which provide you with knowledge on the topic of forests and their ecosystem services.

You also get access to its reading resources, namely a handy manual and a set of articles with more detailed information on the subject.


10 informative trainings with appealing video materials, detailed transcripts for each video, and supporting illustrations for easy understanding of key lessons


Comprehensive manual with the entire content of the course supplied by scientific articles with additional information on the subject and examples of research on forest ecosystems

The course is available to you for free, thanks to the financial support of the Rufford Foundation.

The generous support was provided by the Foundation in the form of a grant for the project
The Codru Quest II: A New Hope. Conservation of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in the Codru Forest
Education, Gamified Research, and Stakeholder Engagement”.

The video materials for the course were filmed and edited by the studio LT Creations.


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