Learn  about  Forest  Ecosystem  Services
from  10  Video  Trainings

The course "Forest Ecosystem Services: Valuation, Conservation, and Sustainable Management"
consists of 3 parts, each containing 3 video trainings. There is also a summary at the end of the course.

Every video training is accompanied by a detailed transcript of its content and one or two illustrations,
so that you could read and use the textual information of the training in your learning process or work.

Click on the image of each training to access its video, transcript, and illustrations.

Part  I.  Economic  Valuation  of
Forest  Ecosystem  Services

Part  II.  Strategic  Planning  of
Sustainable  Forest  Management

Part  III.  Stakeholder  Engagement  into Sustainable  Forest  Management

Conclusion  and  Closing

After going through the entire course,
we invite you to join the Facebook group Forest Ecosystem Services Agents,
which is an on-line community of all students and alumni of the course.

Here you can continue your learning by posting questions to the community,
reading posts of its members, and discussing the topics of the course with them.

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