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Read  about  Forest  Ecosystem  Services
in  the  Course  Manual

You can supplement watching video trainings of the course
"Forest Ecosystem Services: Valuation, Conservation, and Sustainable Management"
with reading of the comprehensive manual prepared specifically for this course.

The manual "Forest Ecosystem Services" covers the entire content of the trainings
and complements it with more detailed information on each topic, practical examples,
accentuated key learning points, explanations of essential terms, and illustrative photos.

You can read the manual on-line or download it for your personal use below.

Furthermore, you are encouraged to explore additional reading resources presented below.

These resources include other manuals, guidelines, research reports, and scientific articles.

They will help you gain more in-depth knowledge on certain topics covered in the course.

Besides reading the course manual and exploring additional resources,
we invite you to join the Facebook group Forest Ecosystem Services Agents,
which is an on-line community of all students and alumni of the course.

Here you can continue your learning by posting questions to the community,
reading posts of its members, and discussing the materials of the course with them.

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